Our Project Partners



The cornerstone of our green initiative begins with student participation, we have made a commitment to Plant-It 2020, we will sponsor the planting of one tree for each high school senior we photograph for the yearbook. Now your senior class can help the environment just by being photographed for the yearbook, this is a true Win - Win!


About Plant-it 2020

Founded in 1992 by the singer John Denver, Plant-It 2020 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private foundation that has set numerous benchmarks in the forestry industry along with many competitive advantages. Four of the many things that set us apart from other reforestation organizations include 1) a priority for planting in no-logging locations: unlike practically all other tree-planting groups, our priority is to plant trees in no-logging locations protected by contract with high survival rates, 2) Geographic Scope: we provide the largest number of locations worldwide for customizable city and forest tree-planting projects, 3) Business Conduct Ethics: we subscribe to the Tree-Planting Code of Ethics as well as actively educate contributors about industry scams and deceptions, and 4) founding PANRO (Professional Association of Nonprofit Reforestation Organizations http://panro.org/; an industry organization consisting of those reforestation organizations setting benchmarks and consistently performing the highest quality reforestation practices. To find out how to select a reforestation organization or simply to determine if Plant-It 2020 is best for your needs, please see our Reforestation Industry page.


About Our Frames

THE FIRST "EARTH FRIENDLY" diploma frame has arrived.  Treehugger Frame™ is an environmentally friendly frame guaranteed to contain mostly recycled and reprocessed materials.  Options to customize your frame with etched glass, watermark suede, gold print embossing, or university coins, school spirit and suede mats.  A portion of the proceeds from Treehugger Frame™ is donated to the non-profit group, americanforests.org